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Great Attention to Detail

A cleaning service you can trust

I clean brings over 34 years of cleaning experience to the table. We understand the best cleaning products and methods to use when cleaning your home. We ensure customer satisfaction after each clean.

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Changing the way we clean

We're changing the way we clean homes in Acton

Weekly home cleaning in Acton: to maintain a clean home environment

Why weekly house cleaning? Houses can get dirty very quickly, the more people you have in your home, the quicker mess and dirt will build up. The constant threat of outside germs coming into the home via pets, clothes, hair and shoes is constant. It’s important to ensure cleanliness in your home is preserved by regular house cleaning. See our cleaning plans to find the best cleaning plan for you.

Our Motto: Stay Clean, Stay Safe

Our Values: Professionalism, quality, value and reliability.

Our mission: To provide customers in Acton with a quality house cleaning services.

Our Goals: To provide quality house cleaning throughout London